Happy Belated.

Dear Wan Ahmad Ezzat Heikal b. Wan Azmi,
happy belated birthday. On the 18th I called you, but no answer. It's okay, at least I still remember your birthday kan? I know kau tak akan baca pun post ni but it doesn't matter. Still, I'm going to post about this. Now, you've grown older. May god bless you always. I'll be praying everyday hoping that all your wishes come true. Next year PMR, good luck. Ingat apa aku cakap masa kita year six dulu? Kalau tak dapat achieve 5A's masa UPSR dulu tebus balik masa PMR. Main bola elok-elok. Aku tahu, dah makin hot sekarang. Jangan selalu injured. Last but not least, I miss you and once again...


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