Hello earthlingssssss :) Meet my handsome sister named Hamizah bt Haspi Harun. She's one of my dormate last year but not this year :/ She'll be facing her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) this year. All ze best for her. She's a proshit in basketball (Y) SPARKS ALL THE WAY LAH KAK MYZA! The reason I'm posting this is just one thing ; RINDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :/  Kak, take care. You're awesome just the way you are. Ingat lagi masa akak nak pergi basket hari tu, saya peluk akak and tiba-tiba akak menangis. Err, saya macam nak nangis jugak but on that time I was in rushed nak jumpa Pn.Azlina so macam tak ada perasaan :p Well, Syahira kan. Haha. Btw, good luck in everything eh Kak Myza, jangan tension and all you have to do is

Calon 9A+ tau Kak Myza :) Saya doakan. Lastly, YOU WILL BE MISSED SISTER D:

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